Your Dentist in Laramie, WY

Are you looking for a reliable dentist in Laramie, WY who offers a comprehensive range of services and has an established reputation for excellence? At Debra I. Schevick, we can address all of your family’s dental needs with skilled and compassionate care. Employing state-of-the-art technology with utilizing the most effective treatment methods, we deliver high-quality dental work to consistently achieve successful outcomes of care. Our practice offers a range of services, from preventive to restorative care to treating children as well as adults of all ages. It’s our mission to keep your mouth healthy and your smile beautiful.

Laramie Dentist

Dr. Debra I. Schevick is a well-respected practitioner whose compassionate approach to dental care has earned the trust of many patients. After earning her undergraduate degree from the University of Wyoming, she pursued her D.D.S. from the University of Nebraska: School of Dentistry, graduating in 1984. Dr. Schevick then spent a brief time practicing in Gillette, WY before returning to her valued community of Laramie. She is a member of the American Dental Association, Spear Study Club and is the current Treasurer as well as Board Member of the Wyoming Dental Association.

Dr. Schevick emphasizes the importance of a preventive approach to dental care and recommends coming in twice a year for a routine checkup and a professional dental cleaning. By scheduling biannual exams with us, you are taking the right first step in maintaining optimal oral health. Dr. Schevick will perform a comprehensive assessment of your oral health carefully evaluating your teeth, gums, and jaw for any signs of developing dental problems. In most cases, the earlier conditions are detected, the easier they are to treat. As an added level of protection for our pediatric patients from dental decay, we offer dental sealants to shield the biting surfaces of the permanent back teeth and fluoride treatments to strengthen the enamel of their young teeth.

At Debra I. Schevick DDS, your dentist in Laramie, we also provide an extensive selection of cosmetic dental services, which can dramatically improve the appearance of your smile. Dr. Schevick combines art and the science of dentistry in leading-edge procedures that will give you teeth that are whiter, brighter, and healthier! We’ve helped countless patients achieve their cosmetic goals with our comprehensive smile makeover plans. For patients suffering from missing teeth, we offer a wide range of restorative solutions to help you regain the appearance and function of a complete smile.

Our office also welcomes emergency patients. Whether you are suffering from a toothache, dental infection, chipped or fractured tooth, jaw pain, or even a broken denture or a dental crown that fell out, our emergency dentist is here for you and will schedule you for prompt care.


If you live in Laramie, WY or the surrounding areas of The Buttes, Harmony, Buford, Bosler, Horse Creek, or Albany and in need of a reliable family dentist, please consider Debra I. Schevick DDS. Our office is centrally located in downtown Laramie and is easily accessible from major roads and highways.

Laramie is a city and the county seat of Albany County, Wyoming. Located on the Laramie River in southeastern Wyoming, the city is west of Cheyenne, at the junction of Interstate 80 and U.S. Route 287. Laramie is a small city with plenty to offer. Whether you visit the Geological Museum at the University of Wyoming or the famous Ames monument, we are confident you will find something you love in Laramie.

At Debra I. Schevick DDS, our goal is to provide our valued community with access to high-quality, affordable dental care. We accept and work with many insurance plans including Delta Dental, Blue Cross Blue Shield of Wyoming and Kid Care CHIP.